Brief Review about Winter 2015 - 16 of Karachi

Winter Season:

Karachi witness Winter Season every year during Nov to Feb. Karachi have experienced many cold to very cold Winters in Past.

Here is the Review of last Winter Season:

Last Winter season had good, a long cold wave of moderate intensity was witnessed in Karachi which had observed from the end of second week till the end of December almost, during which most of time, the minimum temperature was witnessing around 10 to 12 C whereas few days, minimum temperatures had around 8 to 9 C! During this Moderate Cold wave, few times Karachi’s minimum temperature had around 13 to 14 C. During most of January & February 2016, Karachi’s temperature hadn’t record less than 13 C while few days of these two months had observed temperature around 11 to 12 C.

Here is some Stats of last Winter Season:

Lowest Temperature was 8 C, recorded on Dec 25.
Highest Temperature was 36 C, observed on Nov 5, Feb 26, 27, 28 & 29.
Lowest maximum of last Winter season was 24 C, that was recorded on 25th Dec.
Highest minimum was 22 C, that observed on 1st & 2nd Nov.

Rains of 2015 - 16 Winters:

Karachi received one Winter Rain which had occurred on Jan 18, 2016 after 10 pm. Rain was of Moderate to Heavy intensity in most of Karachi with mild lightning. No any forecast had forecasted by anyone about this spell. It was local development! Rain Amounts of that spell are following:

Nazimabad 15 mm
North Nazimbad 15 mm
Saddar 10 mm
Federal B Area 08 mm
DHA 03 mm
Gulshan e Hadeed got traces

Drizzle also witnessed during few/very few days of Dec 2015!

This article has written by Muhammad Abdullah (one of the Admins of this Blog).

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