Chikungunya Virus Identification confirmed in Karachi

BREAKING: Chikungunya virus spreads through Mosquito to many parts of Karachi
Chikungunya is that one disease that is presently affected people of Karachi. Some rumors are in, presently that this disease hasn’t discovered yet & has no treatment but these all are wrong. It has discovered.
Chikungunya is a viral disease which transmits to a human being by mosquitoes. Southern Tanzania was first affected by this mosquito-borne viral disease. Here is the symptoms, treatment & diagnosis.

Symptoms usually begin between 3 – 8 days after the bite of mosquito.
  •   The most common symptoms are fever and joint pain.
  •   Headache, joint swelling and muscle pain are also the symptoms of chikungunya.
  •   Most patients recover fully but Joint pain may persist for months or even years.
  •   A person who has affected by this disease, should protected from future infections.

There is no specific medicine for the treatment of chikungunya and no vaccine to prevent from this virus, but following treatment treat the affected person:

  •    Take plenty of Rest.
  •     Drink liquids.
  •     And if you are taking any medicine for any other treatment, should ask to your doctor first before taking any medicine.


We should cover our skins for preventing from the bite Mosquitoes & Insecticides should be used to kill mosquitoes.
Karachi has been affected by this viral presently & around 40K (40000) people have been affected in  different areas including Malir, Shah Faisal, Orangi and Kimari till now. Some rumors are spreading that this is unknown disease but these all are fake, as we stated above that this disease has discovered, Government should take steps for the prevention of this Disease.
In 2006, few/some parts of India had affected by this Disease & about 1.5 million people had been ill due to this Disease (Chikungunya).

Written by Muhammad Abdullah (One of the admins of this blog).

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