Karachi 2016 Monsoon Review


The word ‘Monsoon’ derived from the Arabic word ‘Mausam’. Monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind blows from the Southwest from June to September in South & Southeast region.


Karachi witnessed so many Exceptional Monsoon Seasons in past years but Karachi received less Rains averagely in past 4 years (2012,2013,2014,2015) but 2012 & 2013 had rains more than 100 mm each but less than actual average of Monsoon Rains of Karachi while 2014 & 2015 had less than 60 mm rains each year. But this year Karachi witnessed an Exceptional & Awesome Monsoon Season!!
Monsoon started in the end of last week of June in Karachi and continued till the end of August almost!! Karachi had 3 spells of Monsoon this year, first one witnessed from 28th to 30th June, second one from 6th to 8th August & third one from 27th to 29th August!!

Detailed Review of all three Spells are here:

First Spell of Monsoon (28 to 29 June):

The Monsoon Season of year 2016 had been started in Karachi from the afternoon of 28th June 2016! which was continued till 29th June!!

28th June 2016

It was the Exceptional start of Monsoon! It was 22nd Ramadan that day and had 2nd ‘TAAK RAAT’ as well. As we were ready to receive first Monsoon Rain of this year, was checking satellite/cloud map again and again & after some time, thunder cells had started to form! Heavy to Very Heavy Thunderstorms had formed that afternoon & then Moderate to Heavy Rains witnessed in parts of Karachi!! Karachities was very happy & was enjoying the Awesome Weather!! The 2nd Rain of that day was witnessed after ‘IFTARI’ & that Rain was very Heavy in most of Karachi with Thunders & Lightning!!

29th June 2016

During early afternoon, Thunderstorms had formed and then parts of Karachi received Rains again. After some time, New developments began and one again parts of Karachi received Rains!! Then after some hours, Heavy thunderstorms had been formed and then light to moderate Rains had been started which continued more than one hour!!

Second Spell of Monsoon (5th to 7th Aug):

5th August 2016

It was Friday and after mid-afternoon Heavy Thunderstorms had started to form & after 5:30 pm Heavy to Very Heavy Thunderstorms had been over Karachi, evening was seeming like night & it had been raining in Karachi!! Widespread Moderate to Very Heavy Rains continued for more than three hours!!
Bahria Icon Tower (tallest building in Pakistan) under clouds - People are saying Karachi ka Murree

6th August 2016

Thunderstorms was forming at morning around 7:30 & after a while Moderate to Very Heavy Rains had been started in almost all over Karachi with Heavy Thunders!! At night of 6th Aug, Karachi received Moderate to Very Heavy Rains once again with Lightning & Thunders!!

7th Aug 2016

Next day, Karachi witnessed Light to Moderate Rains during Afternoon!!

Third Spell of Monsoon (27th to 28th Aug):

27th August 2016

Strong Developments Have Started Over Northeast of Karachi Around 11:40 am And Moving Towards The City And Reaching The City With Stronger To Very Stronger Intensification, Firstly Heavy To Very Heavy Downpours Witnessed From Saadi Town & Malir Cantt And Then Covered The Whole City And After Then Heavy To Very Heavy Rainfall Recorded In Most of The City While Some Parts of The City Received Moderate To Heavy Rains On 27th August 2016, Thunders Also Reported From The Parts of The City On This Day !!

28th August 2016

Developments Have Started To Take Place Early Morning Over Sharp North of Karachi Then New Developments Have Also Taken Place Over Northeast, East & Southeast of The City And After a while Non-stop Heavy to Moderate Rains Spell For Almost 4 Hours Had Witnessed Almost In The Whole City on 28th August 2016 With Heavy Winds and This Spell of Rains Was Started In The Morning From Around Between 9:30 am to 10 am & Was Continue For Almost 3:30 to 4 Hours, Thunders Also Reported On This Day In The Parts of Karachi As Well !!

Whole Monsoon Season of 2016 had been Awesome & Exceptional for Karachities!! Karachities enjoyed this Monsoon Season a lot!!

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