There was a major smog in some parts of the country, especially in Lahore and it’s adjoining areas
According to our latest information, residents of Lahore faced severe problems due to this smog, which include breathing and eye irritation problem.

The motorway police has instructed the citizens to keep their vehicle’s Fog lights ON, so that they can avoid any unfortunate incident during smog and Foggy condition. Doctors advised to cover the face with masks when people out of their homes.

Light Information about SMOG

It’s looking like blackish or Yellowish fog, one of the main reason of Smog is the mixing of gases and blend of air pollutants that can compromise the health human, destroy the natural environment, and even damage the property of peoples. Smog is created by a group of advanced chemistry reactions involving volatile organic compounds (VOCs), element oxides and daylight, that kind ground Ozone level because of low wind speed.

No Attention causing Smoggy condition

Smog-forming pollutants come back from several unplanned sources around the Lahore city due to negligence and no proper attention to resolve the environmental issues,  multiple factories are in working condition without any check and balance, automobile exhaust, old generation plants and lots of client product, as well as body spray, low quality or even high quality paint and including plastic/recycle material.

Pollution Increases Day By Day But No Action

In big cities or populated areas, a minimum of half the smog come back from burning “Garbage” because of worst garbage system in Lahore and Karachi, other causes of smogs are Buses, Rickshaws, Cars,Boats and Trucks.

“The true thing is that the citizens will have to face the smog until it reaches rain in Lahore and its surroundings.”

Lahore Suffers in Smog – Big Hazard due to Worst Planning
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