Prediction of  a Massive Earthquake for Pakistan and India Before 31st December 2017?

An Indian citizen claims to have an exceptional 6th sense feeling, a letter written to Narendra Modi (Indian Prime Minister) related to Tsunami and Earthquake prediction in the Indian Ocean’s shoreline which include eleven countries, naming: Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand & others before 31st December 2017, he warned and ask the Govt. to take serious precautions and preparations to avoid the damages during intensive earthquake and tsunami.

Warning Letter to Modi Sarkar:

Babao Kailel (citizen of India) wrote a letter to Narendra Modi  (PM India) in Sept 2017, in which he mentioned that he observed by his uncommon senses, Babao Kailel told that a Tsunami by earthquake tremors could occur in the Indian Ocean before 31st Dec. which may affect many Asian countries, including Pakistan, India and Sri lanka.

Is it Possible to Predict Earthquake & Tsunami?

But the real fact is that there is no scientific indication for this upcoming earthquake as Indian citizen observed by using his senses. So don’t worry about it, many reliable sources rejected him because there is not much technology in the world till now for reported or predict earthquake before the time.

Horrible Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami before the End of 2017?
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  1. Allah Knows better, no one can predict.


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  3. Kia Karachi me earthquake ka Khatra Nhi hay?


  4. Is there any chances of rain in Lahore because we are still facing deadly smog 🙁


    1. Wait till next few days!


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