Murree one of the Best Place in Pakistan for International Tourism:

There are very interesting fresh mood places in Pakistan where you can enjoy and feel life happily. Murree is also the best place in Pakistan where you can see a different life style of human beings. Murree development was in 1851 by President of the Punjab Administrative Board, Sir Henry Lawrence. Murree was the capital of Punjab in the time period of British empires, until 1864. Hill station of Murree is a popular getaway for Islamabad’s populace. As they ascend northeastwards at an average altitude of 2,291 metres ( 7,516 ft ) and it is located on the southern slopes of the western Himalaya foothills.

 Attraction of Murree for Tourists:

It weather experiences pleasant summers and cold snowy winters. In 1900 the population of Murree was officially 1,844, if summer visitors had been included this could have been as high as 10,000 and much more. The officially religion of Murree is Islam, however some Christians also live here and have their churches as well. There are many hotels for visitors like Hotel Breeze, Saif Hotel Lodges, Hotel Felton, Metropole Guest house, Hotel Metropole Murree,Bhurban Hill Apartments, Hotel Faran, 34 Morning Side, Shangrila Resort, FirHill Villas, PC Bhurban, Golf Hotel, Bismillah Hotel, Al Noor Hotel, Bright Land Hotel and many more hotles are present in Murree. The atmosphere of the Murree is totally different from the other areas.

Wild Life around Murree:

The mountain and hill of Murree are also looking very dangerous but very beautiful also. The road of the mountain hills show journey when you see the downward, towards the hill. The travelling of the hill is so interesting and people may enjoy during the travelling through upward and downward. The peoples of the Murree are very nice in behavior and attitude is very well. The forrest of the Murree is also looking very good During night it’s so cold and very dangerous for human beings because wild animals can attack in the night time, so very careful about it. Variety of rare animal species can be found, common animals included monkey, wild bear, foxes, various species of birds, Cheer Pheasant and Kalij Pheasant also present in the forest of the Murree.

Interesting Facts about Murree:

One of the most interesting things which we cannot refuse the snow ball, yes, during winter season the climate of that season snow rises highly and the peoples of the Murree and also the visitors can enjoy with playing the snow ball and making the snow man. The fruits of the Murree arecherries, strawberries, and raspberries which can also export and move to the other cities of Pakistan. If we talk about military side, the areas of Murree are divided into two separate cantonments, The Murree Hills  Cantonment and The Murree Gali Cantonment. the headquarters of the 12thInfantry Division of Pakistan Army, several educational and training institutions, and a combined military hospital established for military and non military civilization in Murree. In the last we says that the Murree is the one of the best place in Pakistan where the Tourist can enjoy a lot of fun.
Murree Pakistan’s Amazing Hill Station and Queen’s of Mountain
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