Though Trees cutting has become an official trend now in Pakistan but here are the few incidents of really very unnecessary Trees elimination that is being done by above mentioned Provincial and Federal Government which will definitely make you Sad!

Government of Punjab is turning the Beauty of Lahore into ugly Land!

Thousands, maybe even Millions of Trees have been cut down in Punjab since the PML N has come into the Power and the purpose of its elimination is just the construction of unnecessary Roads, Orange-Line Train, Metro Bus and so on.
Lahore is one of the most affected City from this Problem who already have lost Thousands of trees and from the City of Gardens the has now become Tree-less and its responsible is just Punjab and Federal Government.  

Sindh Govt. is Sleeping or Involved in Tree Cutting?

Sindh Government who working in the Same way like their brother Punjab Government has also trying their authority wrongly. They’re also cutting down Trees just to show their performance but in real, they’ve absolutely poor performance. Does any Government cut down Trees to construct Roads, Highway or Green Line?

Karachi lost around 20,000 trees in Year 2016-17

Karachi is the only City which is highly affected by the LOSE OF TREES. Read out the some incidents of Trees Cutting that have been taken place in the Metropolitan City since January 2017.

Some months backs around April, more than 5,000 fully grown trees cut down along Super higway just to widen the space for highway. As per Officials, it was the Neem Trees that had been planted over there by the Forest Deaprtment around nine years before and when the trees got cut by contractors (who had given contract for widing the Highway area), it was fully grown and mature.

During January 2017, thousands of trees cut down for University Road construction. Apart from this, they cut down Trees even for the space of advertising signboards across the City.
Is construction or broading Road is more necessary than Greenry? Does any concerned authority / Government have even a little know how about Trees? Do they know, how important the trees are and specially for much polluted cities like Karachi and Lahore? No, Absolutely no! If they would have been known the importance of Trees for our enviroment then then not prefer Trees Cutting. There isn’t any concerned authority or person is taking this crucial matter Importantly.

“No Tree… No Life”

We have already been lost a large amount of Trees across these two Province which is the main Factor of less Greenery, Rain, Coolness and Pleasant Atmosphere.

In fact Trees have numbers of Benefit, whether it have for Human Beings or for Environment/Atmosphere! Trees just not Cool the Particular Area, it also purify the Environment from Pollution. That is why we have come up with the Trees Cutting Issue in SMOG related topic as well. Less Trees are one of the most main Factors of much Higher Pollution and we can witness pretty easily in our Country that how much hazards the Country/City have to face just because of Less Trees.

Don’t Grumble on Heat Just Plant a Tree

PakWeather repeats, we should learn from the KPK Government that how they has maintained their province Atmosphere by planting Millions of Trees. Hatts off to their efforts and we hope that they’ll continue their same performance!

Cutting Down Trees/Deforestation Violates Human rights

Not just the Concerned Authorities and Governments have to do the work over this matter but we should ourselves go with Plantation. We can plant at-least one tree outside our house and we must do it. However, we urge the Concerned Authorities and Governments to have a look over one of this Main Issue that should be solved as soon as possible, otherwise, the Air Quality of our Country will become even more worsen.

Should We Stop Cutting Down Trees in Pakistan?
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