Don’t Forget 2011 – At least 22,000 have been affected and 360+ people died by Dengue in Pakistan

Dengue fever called as backbone fever. This virus transmitted from the bite of Aedes aegypyi and Aedes albopictus mosquito to human. Every year, millions of dengue fever causes occur throughout the world. Dengue fever caused by anyone of four dengue viruses spread to the mosquitoes that thrive in human lodgings. When a mosquito bites a person the virus infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito. When the infected mosquito bites another person the virus enters that person’s blood vans.

When recover the dengue fever, you might have immunity to the virus that infected you but not to the other three dengue fever viruses. This risk of developing severe dengue fever, also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever, who increases if you again infected a second, third or fourth time.

Due to dengue fever high fever damage the lymph blood vessels and also occur blooding from nose and gums and may failure of circulatory system, white cells subtract from the blood and sometimes may patient become expired.

Following and the most effected countries in the world which effected by dengue virus:

  • Mexico
  • India
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Taiwan
  • Africa
  • South America

Dengue fever, also known as the fever of break bone

Dengue is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Aedes. The virus has five different types of infection one type usually gives long life to that type but only short term immunity to the other ones. Infection of different types increase the risk of severe complications. As there is no commercially available medicine/injection, prevention is sought by reducing the habitat and the mosquitoes limiting exposure to bites.

Symptoms of Dengue Virus:

  • Severe Pain in Muscles Joints body
  • Rashes with red spots time to time
  • Nausea feeling/Vomiting
  • High Body Temperature/fever
  • Headache Pain feels backside of eyes

Treatment of Dengue Fever:

There is no vaccine for dengue fever, those who effected by dengue virus should use analgesics with acetaminophen and should not use those medicines which contain drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin. Should consult physician firstly. Take rest, drink fluids as home cure and try best to avoid mosquito bites.
The doctor has diagnoses dengue infection with a blood test to check the virus itself. When you become sick after travelling to a long or tropical areas, talk to your doctor know. It will allow your doctor to evaluate the possibility that your symptoms were caused by a dengue infection.

Treatment of acute dengue is supportive, using either oral or intravenous hydration for mild or moderate disease, and intravenous fluids and blood transfusion for more severe cases. The number of cases of dengue fever has increased dramatically since the 1960s, with between 50 and 528 million people infected yearly. Early descriptions of the condition date from 1779, and its viral cause and transmission were understood by the early 20th century. Dengue has become a global problem since the Second World War and is endemic in more than 110 countries. Apart from eliminating the mosquitoes, work is ongoing on a vaccine, as well as medication targeted directly at the virus.

How to Prevent our Family from Dengue Virus?

As precaution is better than cure, avoid mosquito bites, wear full sleeves/covered cloths, wipe all unwanted water from garage/garden, plants pots, let doors and windows of house close before sun rise and during sun set, and spray mosquito killers
Symptoms of Dengue Fever and it’s Treatment in Pakistan
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