IS IT NOW TIME FOR A CATEGORY 6 HURRICANE?? Hurricane/Cyclone/Typhoon is the phenomena that only Happens on Our beautiful Earth It is indeed a fury of God, Hurricanes on average release energy about 6.0 x 10^14 Watts or 5.2 x 10^19 Joules/day! This is equivalent to about 200 times the total electrical generating capacity on the planet! Insane Right…?

Formation of Hurricane is not a new thing it is happening on Earth since the very beginning but the reporting and encountering of hurricane is new Columbus was the first human on this planet to report a hurricane, 1495 — Columbus encounters a hurricane near Hispaniola The earliest hurricane report comes from Christopher Columbus, who encountered a tropical storm on one of his voyages to the New World. He later declared that “nothing but the service of God and the extension of the monarchy” would induce him to expose himself to such danger, after that there were many reports of Human encountering with Hurricanes. Hurricanes are classifies into 5 major categories of Saffari Simpson Scale.

It has been observed that intensity of Ocean storms have drastically increased over duration of 100 years,Hurricanes that develop nowadays in Oceans are more powerful and larger in size than those that developed 100 years before, Increasing temperature of Earth and oceans due to green house acts as a greater fuel for the hurricanes and storms, increasing intensity of Hurricanes over the period of time might mean that there’s a need for a new Category for Hurricanes to be classified in, In todays World,the most powerful Hurricane is classifies as a 5th Category Hurricane on Saffari Simpson Scale,but they are becoming more extreme due to climate change, In fact, there have been already Hurricanes reported that have surpassed the maximum range of Category 5, i.e Hurricane Winston which made landfall on Fiji in 2016 had higher winds than 230 km/h (that is higher than the upper limit that category 5 allows).

And the only Reason why it wasn’t classifies as a category 6 hurricane was that International hurricane rankings don’t go higher than 5th Category, Another Example is Cyclone/Hurricane Gita which reached max 5th Category, made landfall in Tonga and sustained winds of 230 km/h that’s knocking on the door of purposed 6th Category, Experts at the Pacific Ocean Climate Change Conference in Wellington were told on Wednesday that New Zealand and the Pacific region were going to be hit hard by changes to weather patterns caused by climate change. Niwa climate scientist Brett Mullan said climate change would contribute to stronger cyclones by increasing sea temperatures. “Higher sea temperatures produce more moisture in the air… and that moisture when it condenses releases heat to the storm and energy to the storm and so that’s consistent with the observation that there’s been a general increase in many parts where you get tropical cyclones, an increase in intensity in the recent decade or so.

The continuous gain in strength of cyclones suggested that a new category might be needed But, refusing to the statement Mullan said, ” We don’t have any plans but I think now it’s time to revisit some of the scales we are using to classify hurricanes” Hence it is possible in the future that we might see a category 6 hurricane Making landfall on a particular area of Earth.

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