TROPICAL NEWS: (Cyclone Coming)????
From past 5 days is tracking a expected TROPICAL ACTIVITY in Northern Indian ocean adjoining Southern Arabian sea that might move to Central Arabian Sea and possibly affect any Coastline,
BUT maintaining the supreme standards and criteria of that makes us different and better than others, We will keep our observations Low-key so people don’t get trap in panic and Hype, So Far chances of Such tropical activity are very LOW as it is rare for Arabian sea or any part of Northern Indian Ocean to host such systems in the month of March, Usual time period for such activities starts from Mid – Late April.
We’re seeing some newborn facebook pages spreading hype regarding Cyclone formation in Arabian Sea and it’s track towards Pakistan or Western India. advises it’s followers to Ignore such news as it is not even confirmed that tropical activity will occur let alone it’s track towards Pakistan or India.
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A Cyclone is heading towards Pakistan?
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Mohammad Faizan

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