Global Warming Causing Arctic to Melt and Britain to Freeze..?

While Britain and it’s neighboring countries shivers due to the Shivers from the East, meteorologists say that temperatures have soared above freezing line at the North Pole, reaching as high as 30°C above normal for Winter standards. Scientists from the local observatories present there have stated that the main cause is “intrusion of warm air” bringing fairly Warm and Moist air furthermore they stated that it is a common feature of climate of Arctic during Winter season but this year it has more deeper and longer than usual.

This unusual Disturbance is responsible for displacement of blast of chilly arctic winds,sending it streaming over Europe. The “Cape Morris Jesup” a meteorological site located at the northern extreme of Greenland has seen a record-breaking 61 hours of temperatures above freezing so far in 2018, linked to a rare retreat of sea ice in the Arctic winter darkness.

It’s never been this extreme, said Ruth Mottram,

a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute. To the south, a rare snow storm hit Rome on Monday while commuters in London raced home before wintry weather hit train services.

Professor of Hamburg University called this unusual weather as “wacky”. “People are asking to me whether this unusual pattern of Weather is to continue in the future or not? But I really have no idea this is just one event so it is hard to make conclusions.” However a recent study at the Cambridge university have found that warm air intrusions are increasing in frequency scientists think that melting of ocean ice caps allows warmer water to release hear in the atmosphere with knock- on effects of jet-stream. Robert Graham of the Norwegian polar institute and paper’s lead author said to the audience “previously this was not common”. It happened in four years between between 1980 – 2010 but has occurred now in last four out of five years

Global Warming Effects: Europe is colder than the Arctic?
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