As we stated in our Tropical Update 01 that a Well – Marked low pressure is present on South eastern Arabian sea, it has now intensified into a depression and under favorable conditions i.e Good moisture inflow, Warm SSTS  (Sea Surface Temperature) of 27 – 29°C and low Vertical Wind Shear of 5 – 10 knots, further intensification into deep – depression is expected within next 48 Hours.

Credits: Skymetweather

The Depression is expected to move in Northwestern Direction, under it’s influence heavy thunderstorms pouring moderate to heavy rainfall is expected in most parts of Southern and South Western India,
Kerala, Tamil Nadu south Konakan and Parts of Goa,

From late 15th March, Central India, most areas of Maharashtra (including mumbai), areas located in Northern Telagana, Chhattisgarh and areas of Western Odhisa will receive moderate rainfall due to the remnants of this Tropical System.

None of the areas of Pakistan will be affected, however temperatures may slightly increase in Southern Sindh.

Heavy rains expected in India as a result of Tropical System…?
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