Category 1 cyclone mekunu under favorable conditions is expected to intensify further into a maximum of category 3 cyclone with wind speed of 150-160km/hr and gusts upto 180km/hr during next 36 hours and making landfall near Salalah, Oman during early morning hours of 26th May.


▪Maximum winds of 150-160km/hr are expected in Southern Oman and Northeastern Yemen including Salalah, Mirbat, Al Ghaydah and nearby adjoining areas.
▪Very Severe Cyclonic storm will quickly weaken into a Depression due to land contact, max winds of 98-115km/hr are expected in Southwestern Oman and Northwestern Yemen.
▪Then depression is expected to weaken further into a well-marked low pressure, it is expected to enter Saudi Arabia then, max winds of 30-45 km/hr are expected in Southeastern Saudi Arabia.

(+/- 35 km/hr deviation in forecast can occur).


▪Around 290-340mm of rain is expected in Southern Oman while 200-270mm of rain is expected in Northeastern Yemen. (+/- 40mm deviation)
▪Around 300-370mm of rain is expected in Southeastern Saudi Arabia while upto 140mm rain in Northeastern Saudi Arabia due to interaction of weakening Well marked low pressure with Western winds.
▪After wandering over Arabia dissipating system is expected to drift towards Southwestern Yemen, Heavy rains are expected there too.


  • Sea conditions are expected to remain very rough with storm tides upto 24 feets until late 26th May, Fisherman are not advised to venture in Sea until 27th May.
  • People living close to sea shores should evacuate or take immediate shelters until 27th of May.
  • Urban flooding is expected in Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
Cyclone Mekunu Update: Severe rains expected in Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia
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