Area of deep convection INVEST 92A has developed into a Depression a few hours ago thus with new designation ARB 03, depression is currently located 680 kilometres southeast of Socotra, Yemen and 1060 kilometres South-southeast of Salah Oman.

Maximum 3 minute sustained winds are about 45km/hr with gusts reaching upto 65 km/hr.
Minimum central pressure is estimated at 1,004 hPa.
ARB 03 is currently moving in Northwestern direction with velocity of 5 knots( 9km/hr).

Further development in state of deep depression is expected during next 12 hours, ARB 03 is currently located over Very warm SSTs of 31°C+ accompanied with low-mod vertical wind shear of 10-20 KT and robust Poleward and equatorward outflow which advances the anticipation of ARB 03 developing into a Cyclone during next 48 hours.

Depression forms in arabian sea as of 22nd May 2018
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