After suffering intense heat from almost 3 weeks, Weather of Karachi is all set to turn beautiful and pleasent again!!

As monsoon progresses further into the Indian Landmass, it is expected to push currents towards western Sub-continent further more, Somalian Winds are expected to intensify thus, causing heavy sea clouds formation over Coastal Sindh and adjoining Gujrat.

Under the influence of Somalian Push, weather is expected to turn pleasent with Good sea breeze and cloudy skies from 2nd of June.

Drizzle is also expected to occur in the city during late night and morning hours, temperature shall remain in control (below 37°C).

A low pressure is expected to form in Bay of Bengal during 1st week of june that may possibly intensify into Tropical cyclone and then make landfall at Eastern India, from there that system is expected to march towards Western Sub-continent possibly affecting Sindh and causing heavy rains in most parts of the Sindh, there’s also a chance that system may hit Maharashtra, India and then dissipate quickly.

During this period, experts over are also expecting a system ARB 04 to form in Arabian sea and affect Gujrat and then southeastern Sindh.

Sindh will not be the only province of Pakistan to enjoy pre-monsoon, as per latest upper air analysis there are high chances of pre-monsoon heavy rains/thunderstorms to occur over Punjab mainly over Northern Punjab during 2nd or 3rd week of june.

Thrice of these forecasts are pre-mature and aimed at Long range thus one can’t assure it’s reliability, however one thing is for sure that There’s likely going to be a pre-monsoon spell in both Punjab and Sindh during June.

Proper Monsoon onset dates for Sindh are from 25th June till 10th July and for Punjab are from 25th June till 05th July.

For more updates stay tuned to our blog and facebook page for timely updates regarding pre-monsoon in Sindh.

Karachi’s weather to turn pleasent, chances for heavy pre-monsoon rains in Sindh/Punjab.
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