Dust Devil “mini Tornado” Footage from Karachi – Pakistan:

A dust devil in front of a NED university parking area Karachi during the severe heatwave. The video, captured in Karachi on 21 May 2018, shows the twister swirling in front of the bike parking area where few undergraduate students were standing and observing the movement of this dust devil.


Do You Know How Dust Devils Form?

Dust devils (small dust twister/tornado) form when a patch of hot air around the surface move from a lower position to a higher one quickly through cooler air above it, forming an updraft. If that situation are just right, the updraft may begin to move in a circular direction. The secondary flow in the dust devil results the other hot air to speed up horizontally inward to the down surface of the newly forming vortex.


KARACHI: Dust Devil (Small Tornado) Caught On Tape
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