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November is the driest month in Pakistan, however we have observed ‘above normal rains’ and ‘below normal temperatures’ anomaly, as expected. The two and half decade of November has been passed where only few days (6 days) are left which are anticipated to be same as the past days were. Two Western Disturbance (WD) Systems are about to affect Pakistan, Upper & Western belt of Pakistan specifically. Hence, Above Normal Rains & Snowfall are likely over extreme upper & NW Mountains of Pakistan while most of the country is expected to remain dry & cool however few developments in western, central and SW parts of Balochistan can be witnessed.

Provincial Weather Forecast

  1. Sindh: Mainly dry & cool is expected through out the week. No chance of rain or development activity, however few high levels passing over skies could be observed. Less chances of fog, which will turn into smog, if forms, due to arisen pollutant level in atmosphere. Karachi is expected to bear the similar dry & cool weather with hazy and sometimes smoky conditions till 29th November, the shall be good drop in temperatures by 30th November with increment in chances of fog.
  2. Balochistan: Similarly, dry & cool weather is expected however NW, W and SW parts shall witness rains (few chances exist of central parts too). Moderate chances of fog specifically in NW & Coastal region with hazy atmosphere in day-times.
  3. Punjab: No major chance of any development except for far Northern and NW region with few probability of precipitations. Rather dry and cool to very cold  weather is expected to prevail with smogy(smoke in high concentration)/hazy conditions through out the province.
  4. KPK/FATA: There are good chances snowfall & rainfall in extreme upper KPK while the remaining may get its share, thus low chances for FATA. Very cold weather is expected to prevail.
  5. Gilgit Baltistan/AJK: Very good amount of snowfall is expected in almost whole region of GB. Extreme cold weather is expected to prevail there. AJK may remain dry & finely cool with few chances of rain and good fog.

Winters To Begin:Related image

Winter has begun earlier in extreme upper Pakistan, however the autumn is prevailing throughout the country. Good cold wave shall be affecting by the end of month i.e 30th November, as second WD leaving by 29th, thus causing significant decrease in temperatures throughout the country. This would be the official beginning of Winters in Pakistan, specially plains & coastal region. Moreover, our ‘Winter Outlook’ shall be published in early Decembers, as soon as possible.

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Weekly Countrywide Forecast – Winters To Begin?
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