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As the Winters 2019 were met on time this year in Upper half of Pakistan and slight lately (with gap) in Southern Pakistan. However after the scattered WD which was lightly widespread upto some extent, that effected in first week of December, accompanied the cold winds from NW, N that were in almost all parts of country. Thus, under its influence, below normal temperatures were reported from Upper Pakistan, normal to slightly below normal from Central while slightly below normal from Southern Pakistan until now.

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The current WD, affecting Afghanistan, was weak in terms of pressure gradient accompanying less moisture and threshold for developments but carrying good cold air mass which will be causing the moderate to severe cold wave to effect from tonight. The temperatures are likely to be below normal in Southern and highly below normal in NW Balochistan & Upper half of Pakistan. However there are no chances of rain this week, few chance of fog persists  in coastal & plain areas.

Hence, Karachi witnessed good winters after isolated drizzle/light rain activity, causing the record of consecutive below 10’C temperature for more than 6 days to be broken. Moreover the current effecting cold wave will be more intense with few chances (i.e 30%) of drizzle/light rain activity again on 25th/26th December.


As per Winter Outlook 2019’s Phase 1 (1st December – 15th January), following minimum temperatures are expected to be recorded in upcoming days of coldness.

  • KARACHI: May reach 6-7°C during peak of winters.
  • HYDERABAD: May reach 4-6°C during peak of winters.
  • LARKANA: May reach 0-2°C during peak of winters.
  • QUETTA: May reach -14 to -12°C during peak of winters. 
  • QALAT: May reach -18 to -16°C during peak of winters.
  • SKARDU: May reach -19 to -17°C during peak of winters.
  • LAHORE: May reach  0 to 2°C during peak of winters.
  • FAISALABAD: May reach -1 to 1°C during peak of winters.
  • MULTAN: May reach 0 to 2°C during peak of winters.
  • PESHAWAR: May reach -1 to 1°C during peak of winters. 
  • ISLAMABAD: May reach -4 to -2°C during peak of winters.
  • MUZZAFARABAD: May reach -4 to -2°C during peak of winters.


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Weekly Weather Forecast – Intense Cold Wave To Revive This Time?
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