Karachi, Plains of Pakistan Ready to Bear Sizzling Heatwave


Parametric Overview: 

A nationwide heat wave will effect almost all parts of Pakistan in last three days of month of April, last longing for coastal areas. The deep depression in Bay-of-Bengal (BOB), sucking all the moisturized-winds from Arab, is likely to be upgraded into a cat-1 cyclonic storm within next 18 – 24 hour. Thus, the absence of Western Disturbance (WD) system in country and diversion of Somalian currents towards BOB would result in a three day ‘Countrywide Heatwave’.

However upon the arrival of WD system accompanied with moderate-cold front would result in maintaining the ‘maximum average normal’ temperatures for entire Pakistan except for coastal belt (of Sindh & Balochistan). Hence the dry warmth/heatwave will only depart from coastal regions (inc. Karachi) as soon as if the anticipated cyclone in BOB makes landfall or gets weaken(unlikely).  


Karachi (& other coastal areas)

The city is headed towards bearing proper ‘Heat Wave’ within next 6 days, till 4th May, 2019. The dry winds would continue blowing from North & North-west (NW) mostly in daytime while from West (W) in late evening into nighttime. The amalgamation of warmth & dry winds cause hot winds (widely known as ‘Loo’) to flow.

The expected maximum temperatures are;

  • 28th April (28-4-19):  36ºC – 39ºC [Sunday]
  • 29th April (29-4-19): 36ºC – 38ºC [Monday]
  • 30th April (30-4-19): 38ºC – 40ºC [Tuesday]
  • 1st May (1-5-19): 38ºC – 41ºC [Wednesday]
  • 2nd May (2-5-19): 39ºC – 42ºC [Thursday]
  • 3rd May (3-5-19): 36ºC – 39ºC [Friday]
  • 4th May (4-5-19): 36ºC – 38ºC [Saturday]

*Outskirts may observe even more higher temperatures

The heat index (feel’s like temperature) will not differ from real temperature as due to low humidity levels ( probably ranging between 15% – 35%). Hence, the climax of expected Cyclone Fani can effect the withdrawal of heat wave and restoration of sea breeze. Sea breeze is expected to start blowing from late 4th May and getting pace & more pace by 5th May, pausing a week long heatwave to end.  

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The period of heatwave may vary upon the intensification, movement, dissipation or landfall of anticipated cyclone Fani

Countrywide Heatwave:

As discussed in detail above, a three-day long heatwave will effect entire homeland till 30th of April. The temperatures are likely to be 3ºC – 5ºC higher than average maximum norms scatteredly.  However upon the WD arrival, the heatwave would be depart from most of the parts of the country except coastal areas. Normal average maximum temperatures will prevail in Central & Southern Pakistan and some of Upper Pakistan and slightly below normal max. average in extreme northern Pakistan.

‘Strict precautions must be taken’ 



Karachi, Plains of Pakistan Ready to Bear Scorching Heat
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