Peace, is peace something related to freedom of earning a lot of money, serving for delicious foods and quality goods or briefly getting each and every luxury in life? No, not at all! But in actual peace is the harmony of that society which is free of aggression (either conflict, hostility or war) and based on the characteristics of goodwill, tranquillity and fraternity.

In the world peace is very important for the sake of betterment and protection of humanity. If the peace is established in any region it makes the life exempt of conflicts, disputes and trouble. The rivalry starts from disputes turns into conflicts and then threshes towards the trouble destruction of any entity.



Pakistan – an Asian developing country, being the 6th most populous and 2nd Muslim largest country, has its worth existence in the region. The nature enriched Pakistan has good bilateral relations with world that includes our diverse trade, economical ties, industrial, nuclear and military allegiance and much more.

Unfortunately, we have been troubled in the ‘burning disaster’ within the fear of poverty, illiteracy, corruption, feudalism, and the anti-peace agents ‘war and terrorism’. We are assured that we somehow –in future– will surely control our internal crisis but the anti-peace catastrophe of terrorism and disputes with rivals (leading to war) are proving to be destructive.

The partition legacy of 1947 that left unresolved Kashmir issue has been the cause of violence in the region, despite of numerous ceasefires, the line of control (LOC) has been repeatedly punctured by intense violent clashes for last 71 years. Inclusively, 1 lakh people have been deceased in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and majority are severely affected with Indian armed forces aggression. The Kashmir conflict is even such serious that lead Pakistan and India to battle field for four times; 1947-1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999. The loss from those wars can’t be determined that teared thousands of lives and country advancement into shreds, even leading to the separation of East Pakistan.

International, basically US and Saudi, interventions in Pakistan have also contributed to instability (anti-peace environment) in the region. As in 2001, Pakistan withdrew its assistance of Taliban (renowned TTP) to support US-led NATO invasion in Afghanistan that caused the enmity of Taliban towards Pakistan. Later then the drone strikes in north-western Tribal areas of Pakistan not only give the international proxies a big hand (RAW-Mosad-TTP-ISIS) but also caused 3 million civilians to be displaced – it was the worst era for peace build in Pakistan (main 2001 – 2013). According to the statics provided; 50,000 people have been died due to terrorism since 2002 among them 5,000+ died due to sectarian heretics – affiliated with Saudi hold of Madrasas (religious schools) in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. However the successful timely Pak-Army led operations against ‘war and terrorism’ like Al-Mizan, Rah-e-Rast, Zalzala, Sirat-e-Mustaqeem, Zarb-e-Azb and Rah-e-Nijat have prevailed the peaceful environment in the region.

Globally, we observe that ‘conflicts’ are being the big factor to disturb peace in any region which flames the blazes of ‘revenge’ then leads towards war. The emphatic solution to create peace is to eliminate enmity and conflicts by controlling the mainstream media and educational system as tools for peace building.

Article was written by, SYED SAQIB ALI ZAIDI


“Peace in Pakistan” Only a imaginable desire
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