Under the influence of a Monsoon system arising from pacific ocean, a bilateral trough is expected to form over Sindh that under interaction of Historical Western Disturbance over iran is expected to pour terribly heavy rains over Karachi on 3rd of April, This system came as a unexpected surprise and no other meteorological site has forecasted this yet.

System would have potential to cause 270-360mm +/- 70mm of rainfall in Karachi, system would be based on 3-4 spells each causing 70-80mm from Thunderstorms arising from warning North to the east to the west to the south, isolated hails and CG strikes are likely to occur too, so manage your plans accordingly, Here is the detailed outlook.

  • Monday 1st april Night~ 40% chances of drizzle.
  • Tuesday 2nd april~ 50% chances of light rain in late night with thunder.
  • Wednessday 3rd April~ 70% chances of Severe Thunderstorms, isolated cloud burst like situation is city.
  • Thursday 4th April~ Heavy rain throughout the day.

Through our esteemed blog, we would like to alert our authorities on this unexpected and sudden Rain spell arising due to climate change.

Kesa diya????… We are sorry, you got fooled on 1st of april.. our beautiful city of lights is not lucky enough to see such magical spells in month of april.. 😛😜😁

Super heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain expected in Karachi
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