An Intense Dry Heat Wave Struck Israel this Thursday, Ravages Fires at More than 1600 Places in Last Three Days

Fire in Kibbutz Harel, Israel, May 23, 2019.

Mainly cold winds flow from Mediterranean Sea into Israeli region through out the years, keeping the maximum temperature under 32°C in peak summers. But when the wind direction changes or sea winds are blocked due to certain parameters, it brought severe heat wave. Those winds blowing from opposite direction through Jordan or Egypt are almost driest and hotter.

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This time Heat wave – due to heated dry eastern/northern winds – bashed Israel when farmers were waiting for rain to stream their crops. Unfortunately there was no rain over time and the hot scorching dry heat wave gripped most of the parts of state. 
An Israeli flag is pictured in front of vehicles that were badly damaged by a fire amidst extreme heat wave in the village of Mevo Modi'im, in central Israel on May 24, 2019. (JACK GUEZ / AFP)
On Thursday Israel feared a dramatic spike in temperatures, Tel Aviv recorded 38°C, northern city of Haifa recorded 40°C, southern city of Ashkelon recorded 43°C whereas Dead Sea located at the eastern border recorded the highest 48°C. 

Israeli firefighters check a house that was badly damaged by a fire amidst extreme heat wave in the village of Mevo Modi'im, in central Israel on May 24, 2019. (JACK GUEZ / AFP)
As of result, the dry & hot climate erupted wildfires at more than 1800 different places mainly in forests and few agricultural lands. According to Israeli authorities, Palestinians are being blamed for igniting fires at Israeli crops. 

Fires in Jerusalem, Israel, May 23, 2019.
More than 3,700 acres and of forests has been turned into ashes. More than 40 houses were burnt down and approximately 3,500 people has been forced to evacuate their areas. Around 75 acres of agricultural land was also put under fire – as of ‘balloon terror’ by Palestinian protesters.

A firefighter stands next to a burning house amid extreme heat wave in Kibbutz Harel in central Israel on May 23, 2019
Again fire erupt at few places on Friday’s afternoon just before the start of Shabbat, when observant Jews refrain from working or turning on electric appliances. However weather was calmed by Saturday and no new event was reported. 

Firefighting teams trying to put out the flames in the central city of Elad, May 23, 2019.
Israeli Fire fighters in with coordination with Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Italy has successfully extinguished 1,700 fires this late Friday. Similar events were observed in 2016 and 2010.

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Another heat wave is expected in northern Israel next week that may also cause hurdles for Israeli citizens and authorities.

Israel Blazes Over Hot Flames – Intense Heat Wave
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