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Lunar eclipse happens when earth casts its shadow over the moon due to the sun light falling over the other part of earth. Opposite to it when the moon casts its shadow over the earth it is promulgated as Solar Eclipse.

Last partial lunar eclipse of 2019 will be visible from various parts of world including Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Americas. All phases of eclipse will also be visible in Pakistan (wherever it wouldn’t be claggy nights) between late Tuesday Nights into early Wednesdays (13th Dhul’ Qad, 1440)

16th January, 2019: Penumbral eclipse will start at 11:44 pm (local time : GMT +5) when the outer part of earth’s shadow falls over the moon and blocks / bends some of sun light reaching moon surface.

17th January, 2019: Partial lunar eclipse (when the dark earth’s shadow falls over moon surface) will begin at 1:02 am and end at 4:00 am while reaching at its peak around 2:32 am.

Verily eclipse will be visible countrywide however the occasional cloudiness may obstacle the observer’s attention (specifically for Karachi’tes who are anticipated to witness periodic sea clouds with moderate chances of scattered drizzle / passing showers).

Pakistan: Last Partial Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Will Be Witnessed Today
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