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شمالی پنجاب پر سپر سیل تھنڈرسٹورم

  تازہ ترین سیٹلائٹ تصویر کے مطابق ایک...

/ March 8, 2018

Extreme Cold wave grips Pakistan

Extreme Cold wave grips Central and upper parts...

/ January 8, 2013

‘Tsunami Bomb’ Tested by U.S Off New Zealand Coast

'Tsunami Bomb' Tested by U.S  Off New Zealand...

/ January 2, 2013

Earth Quake tremors felt in upper Pakistan

Earthquake Alert:Earthquake with Magnitude 5.8 felt in Upper parts...

/ December 29, 2012

Prime Minister of Pakistan Orders to Block Youtube Again

Prime Minister of Pakistan Orders to Block

/ December 29, 2012

Quaid e Azam Day 25-December

PakWeather Wishes Happy Birthday to our Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali...

/ December 25, 2012