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URSID 2020 Meteor Shower - Pakistan

Another event of Meteor Shower!- Ursid 2020:
Ursid meteors are set to streak across the skies during winter solstice, In Pakistan it will high at around 6:00PM (PKT) 22-23 December 7:00AM (PKT) and giving us a brillent and vibrant display of meteor shows with the yearly
Ursid meteor shower set to stream across the skies during winter solstice.

Will it visible in Karachi?
Yes you can see it between 18PM to 7:00AM (22-23Dec) by your naked eye also you can see a much clear vision if you have a High speed Night Vision Camera or telescope, up to 6 meteor will visible per hour till early morning.

Owais Hyder -Weather Analyst www.PakWeather.com

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