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Karachi's Co2 Level crosses tolerable limits

The most important news is that Karachi's air pollution is extremely harmful! 

Air quality in Karachi is deteriorating day by day, the harmful effects of which are noticeable among the citizens. At present our air quality measuring device which is installed in the house of Owais Haider, owner of Pak Weather in Federal B Area, according to this device, The Air pollution of the city has reached to dangerous level and situation will become more worse in future than we imagine : Owais Hyder - Weather Analyst

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Karachi hits high! 

The atmosphere of Karachi city is very polluted. The level of carbon dioxide (CO2) particles in the air is 594 ppm, the HCHO level is 0.154mg / m3 due to traffic smoke, factories and burning garbage everywhere in the city. According to Owais Hyder this level should be up to 0.03mg / m3 for a healthy environment standards and for better human growth.

No Check and balance system by Provincial Govt! 

As we know, there is no special system for checking air quality at the official level throughout the city, nor is any information provided to anyone in this regard. That is why we have privately installed these devices to make citizens aware of environmental pollution and its harmful effects. 

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